Mitz closer to you! We solve all your doubts, we present you our frequently asked questions and answers section.

About Mitz

Where is the foundation located?

Our Address: 1° Cerrada de Cesteros, MZ81 LT10.
Col. Tlatel Xochitenco, CP 56366, Chimalhuacán, EDMX

Is there a physical store?

At the moment you can purchase our products by visiting us at our building in Chimalhuacán; EDMX, you will also be able to learn about their creation process.

How do you help women in the community?

The artisans who are part of Mitz receive education and training through 3 programs:

In the development of life skills. Program that promotes women's ability to make decisions; since it contemplates the four thematic areas of the formation of the empowerment construct: finances, interpersonal relationships, self, and health.

Generation of fair and green jobs: this implies the generation of environmentally friendly products through the transformation of industrial waste, generating decent jobs, with fair income, opportunities for professional and personal development. In addition to contributing to minimizing waste and environmental pollution.

Productive development and entrepreneurship culture. It is MItz's most recent program and involves promoting an entrepreneurial culture and contributing to the development of skills that allow them to carry out productive activities and generate their own economic income.

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What materials do they use?

Regarding our products, we generate a collective impact by promoting care for the planet, since we use waste generated by companies as raw materials; We recycle cotton, lycra, fishing nets, snack wrappers and magazines.

What categories do they have?

Our categories are Recycled paper; Origami; Recycled cotton; Pet toys; Tissue; laminated paper; Home.

How can I wash my MITZ products?

In order to clean your staple and strip products, you need a damp microfiber cloth with a little soap. These items are water resistant.

In the case of cotton and lycra products that do not have leather handles, they can be washed in the washing machine.

The rest of the items with leather appliqué can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


How can I buy MITZ products?

You can find us at www.mitz.mx or through Amazon

I am interested in making a corporate sale, how can I do it?

You can contact us via email Gestiónventas@mitz.org.mx

What payment methods do you accept?

Transfer or credit/debit card

How can I request an invoice for my order?

To request the invoice for your order, write to us at this email.

Shipping & Returns

¿How much time does my order take to arrive?

A maximum time of 48 hours.

What areas of the Mexican Republic do MITZ products reach?

We arrived to the whole country.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, write to us at contacto@mitz.org.mx

How can I make a return?

The texture and various shades of this garment are characteristics of its beauty and uniqueness. These are not defects but design elements of the fabric.

All our products are made with rigorously selected recycled material. Over time, small fibers may appear on the surface of Mitz fabrics and collections, or the paper material may become damaged. To keep it looking its best, maintain it with care and follow recommended cleaning instructions.

Mitz supports the talent of hundreds of urban women artisans, all our collections carry their distinctive seal, since they have put their heart into it before the product reaches your hands.

If upon receiving your product you find a defect, take a photo of it and send it to contacto@mitz.org.mx, it will be subject to evaluation within a maximum of 48 hours. you will have an answer.

I want to be part of your team

How can I collaborate with you?

If your company wants to volunteer, send us an email to community@mitz.org.mx

If you want to distribute our products, contact us at Gestióndigital@mitz.org.mx

Can I donate materials to the foundation?

For detailed information, write to us at contacto@mitz.org.mx

Can I visit the MITZ center?

Yes, our Mitz center is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm , and you can purchase our products and learn about the process of creating them. Send us an email to contacto@mitz.org.mx and we will schedule your visit.