About us


At MITZ, we embody our mission and vision in every step, in every alliance and with the women who decide to be part of the transformation. Firmly, we build strong and independent women, challenging social barriers, activating opportunities and the economy in marginalized communities. United, we create a sustainable and equitable future, where women, families and society shine with hope.


Contributing to the generation of income for women in vulnerable areas, remunerating them fairly for their collaboration by making accessories from the reuse of waste, which are transformed by hand.

We have accompanied women artisans to form a collective in which they are organized around artisanal production. This organization is based on the values ​​of cooperativism: mutual help, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. They work together and help each other learn craft techniques such as origami, green jewelry, macramé, and weaving. In collaboration with our product design team, we transform discarded materials into functional products.

Financial Education

A fundamental factor to prosper is that women learn to save, generate family budgets and manage their businesses. For this reason we offer workshops on savings, spending and investment, with teaching materials so that they can integrate these new habits into their daily lives.


Our program for entrepreneurs emerged in 2021 with the objective of promoting an entrepreneurial culture in women in urban areas and contributing to the development of skills that allow them to carry out productive activities and generate their own economic income.

The beneficiaries of this program can start their micro business, having creative freedom and with solid foundations to achieve a profitable venture. We facilitate access to seed financing for entrepreneurial projects that are technically and financially viable, but who cannot have access to the commercial banking system.

Our model involves going through three major stages: incubation, then start-up and support for the improvement and growth of your microbusiness; In the latter we make alliances with other social and business actors to ensure the effectiveness of the support