Working for inclusion and diversity

Within the framework of our Productive Development Training program, we
proud to highlight the value of inclusion and diversity, fundamental elements of our mission at the MITZ Foundation. It is particularly gratifying to report on the active participation of people from the LGBTIQ+ community within the facilities of the CDMX Penitentiary, who have enthusiastically integrated into our productive project.

Through the teaching of artisanal techniques using recycled materials, the
Participating people not only acquire valuable practical skills, but also experience an important process of strengthening their self-esteem and
personal recognition. This advance represents a crucial step towards their empowerment and greater social inclusion.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Prison Labor authorities for their essential support and the opportunity to work closely with the LGBTIQ+ Community. Their collaboration has been essential for the success of this program and underlines the importance of strategic alliances in promoting inclusion and productive development.

The MITZ Foundation is committed to continuing to advance these efforts,
providing meaningful training that not only improves the job skills of participants, but also fosters a more inclusive and equitable environment. We thank those who have been involved for their dedication and effort in this joint endeavor.

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