Working with Rural Communities - Fundación Origen

In collaboration with the Origen Foundation, the MITZ Foundation is pleased to announce the expansion of its productive development training programs to rural communities, marking a new chapter in our commitment to female empowerment and sustainable development. This initiative has begun in the community of Lienzo de Loma, in the State of Mexico, where we have witnessed the notable incorporation of women artisans into our community.

This group, made up of almost 30 women, has demonstrated exceptionally active participation and a positive attitude towards learning weaving techniques using scrap material. From the first sessions, his skill and speed in mastering these techniques have been impressive, demonstrating not only his innate talent but also his determination to grow and advance.

The objective of these trainings transcends the mere acquisition of technical skills; We seek to strengthen the life capabilities of these women, promote their empowerment and, ultimately, contribute to the generation of income that allows them to achieve their dreams and improve their living conditions. The enthusiasm and dedication shown by this group of women is a clear indication of the potential latent in our rural communities and the transformative impact that proper training can have on their lives.

We deeply thank the Origen Foundation for its invaluable support in this endeavor. Together, we are not only providing valuable skills and knowledge but also opening pathways to new opportunities for these women and their communities. At the MITZ Foundation, we remain committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable future, where every woman has the opportunity to fully develop and actively contribute to the well-being of her community.

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